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Tachikawa High Application - Renki by JadeOwleh Tachikawa High Application - Renki by JadeOwleh
Name: Renki Akaryu
Nickname: Ren-chan

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 16
Grade: 2

Dormitory: Sakuramachi
Club: Art

Likes: animals, paintbrushes, making friends, and cosplay
Dislikes: people who are rude, dust and dirt, messy rooms

- how does your character come across to others? - Very happy and joyful. She comes off a little stubborn sometimes, but it overall sweet, though sometimes a little nervous. She is usually able to hide when she's having a bad day, but those who know her well enough catch her nervous tic of eating a little too much and playing with her hair anytime she talks.
- How do they interact and what traits do they have which define them? - She will talk to anyone about anything and no is not a word she understands. When in a confrontation that is toward her she tends to get frightened easily and want it to just stop. She gets away from these confrontations by either trying to solve it quickly and as civil as possible, or by simply running away. In the case where anyone else has a confrontation, though, she cannot help but want to be a help to them, no matter the cost. Her most prominent traits are willfullness and compassion, and sometimes fear.


- Kindergarten / Preschool - She was homeschooled because of her parents views on public schooling (they thought that children who went to public schools were nothing but trouble and couldn't be trusted). She never got to meet any children her age and became a bit standoffish and what most would consider "odd". She learned to read and write at a remarkable pace and thus was taught far beyond her grade level.
- Elementary School - Homeschooled still. She made a couple of close friends by going to the park and to the mall, but no one too special. She no longer even remembers any of their names, but they were someone to hang out with at the time. She got into art and writing more heavily at this point and began wanting to join a normal school. She was sick of having no one to talk to. It was made worse because her parents had begun speaking of divorce and she worried soon it would be only her and her mother.
- Middle School / Junior High - Her parents divorced and she, to her surprise, ended up living with her father instead of her mother. She finally got to go to public school after a long time of begging him, but it was not at all what she had hoped. The other students thought she was stuck up because she was just genuinely kind, and on the days she was upset (which soon became everyday) she would eat and eat and eat, soon becoming overweight. This bullying led to her father to eventually decide she needed to go to private school and eventually she ended up to Tachikawa High.
- Summer before starting Tachikawa High - Her life was full of uncertainties and she was rather depressed. She sat at home for hours the first month wondering what life was in the new school she was being sent to, but she decided to put that behind her in the hopes that she would find new friendships and maybe even love at her new school. She decided that she wanted to be better in her next year and took a speaking class as well as began to work out and lost most of the weight she had gained. Hope swells within her that this year will be a much better one than the years before.

Additional Info: She no longer eats as much when she is nervous, but tends to down as many sodas and juices as she can get her hands on. She cut her once long hair in the hopes that it would frame her face better with her new weight gain, but couldn't bare to cut all of it. The only junk food she eats much of anymore is potato chips.

Quotes: "Well, this will be fun!" "I wonder if there are other beautiful worlds out there just waiting for me to paint them!"

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Wow such a beautiful and happy student here at Tachikawa High school! Love the way you made her character and personality too. Although when I first saw her she remind me quiet a resembillance of a Love Hina character by Ken Akumatsu. She look kinda like Kaolla Su from that manga and even her personality is also alike too... Using your own style of artwork I give a nice five stars cause its really cute with her actual human size with the chibi version beside her is really Kawaii to me.
Great Job making this charater of yours! Sugoi! :D
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